What’s Next?

What’s Next?

roadYou’re thinking it may be time for a change.
You don’t necessarily want the whole world to know.

There should be a place for you to share vital details about your ministry, your experience, and your professional objectives without putting all of that personal information out there for public viewing.

That’s where this idea started – a place for you to present yourself to places of possible service while maintaining some confidentiality and control over who sees your information.

We can work together to:

  • Review and update your resume.
    With lots of experience on both sides of the candidate / search committee process, we can help make you a much more attractive candidate.
  • Provide a password protected page for you to share only with the people you want to see it.
    We’ll design it together with you and keep it updated when you have new information to add.
  • Host your files.
    You need to have a way to host and share media files, writing samples, on so on. We can host those files so you don’t have to rely on paid services or publicly available solutions.

For $200, your password-protected web page and hosted files will remain available for one year. After that, you can choose to renew and keep that information available for another year.

Click here to view a sample page.
(password: sample)

Ready to get started?

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